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Orlando Datacenter

RapidVPS operates in a state-of-the-art Datacenter located in Orlando, Florida. Our facility is manned 24/7 with support and security personnel to guard your equipment and data. 

With over 40,000 Sq-Ft of available raised floor space, we have plenty of room for expansion. 

Some Key Features of our Data Center:


  • SAS-70 Type II Audited Datacenter
  • 24/7 Security and Engineering
  • Two-Factor, Biometric Security Access
  • Two Redundant 12.47kv Underground Utility Feeds from Diverse Power Sub-Stations
  • Fully N+1 Redundant Power Delivery to the Rack
  • On-Site Backup Power from Three 2.8 MegaWatt Jet Turbines in N+1 Configuration (Read Why this is Critical!)
  • Water Cooling for High Heat-Density Equipment 


    Whether your company requires One Rack "U", One 42U Cabinet, or 10,000 Sq-Ft of cage space, we can provide competitively priced co-location service with many added features. Our Co-location service is unlike any other in that each and every service we offer is "a la carte". You can chose any or all services to create the perfect, custom hosting solution for your business and budget. Some services we offer are: 

    Layer 2 and 3 network management:

    We provide the L2 switches and L3 router(s) to build your network to suit. 

    Managed Power Distribution:

    We provide networked power strips With remote reboot capabilities, overload protection and circuit ammeter readings. 

    Pre-wired Ethernet Cabinets:

    Simply insert your server into the rack and you are ready to go. 


    View video output and control a server which is inaccessible, crashed, reinstalling, etc. 

    Remote hands service:

    When all else fails, we will be on-site to help you get going after a failure. We can replace a failed power supply, hard drive, etc. 

    Managed Firewall:

    From basic layer 3 Cisco Access Control Lists to layer 7 deep-packet inspection, let us understand your security requirements and custom tailor a firewall solution to meet your needs. 

    Denial of Service Protection:

    We offer solutions to mitigate bandwidth floods, application level attacks, and TCP spoofed-syn protection. With experience dealing with nearly every type of dos attack found on the internet, WaveColo can keep your company online despite an attacker's wishes. 

    Managed Load Balancer/Tunnel/Proxy:

    Services include GRE tunnels, Reverse HTTP Proxies, and Layer 3-7 Load Balancing. We have the ability to maintain your online presence despite hardware or network failure. We can assist in seamless, zero-downtime network migrations using Layer 2/3 tunnels, or website/database migrations using reverse proxies. 

    Managed Remote Storage/Backup

    We offer managed iSCSI and NFS storage over copper or fiber. Choose from mass storage using SATA disks or extreme I/O performance using industry leading 15k RPM SAS/SCSI with battery backed up write caching, and 2-128GB of read caching. Security, reliability, and redundancy are our primary goals, achieved through high end storage appliances and active monitoring. We can also maintain backups of your data stored on or off of our network to help you meet stringent security requirements.