Company Profile

Who We Are...

A few geeks who had some spare time in college (many moons ago) and decided to start a business.
We organically grew this part-time business into a successful company through word-of-mouth referrals by offering top-notch service. 

We have perfected our hosting methods over the years due to our technical backgrounds. Because of this, we can offer the best performance per dollar of any host out there. Guaranteed. 

How We Did it...

10 years ago, we co-located a couple servers to host games and some personal websites while we were in college.

Over the years, we gradually grew, hosting more and more sites for friends, family and referred customers.

Apparently, most "hosting companies" have no idea how to run a network, tune/maintain their servers or support their customers properly. 

We realized we could do better, and started to aggressively expand until we were running hundreds of servers hosting hundreds of thousands of domains. By this point, we realized our achilles tendon was always our hosting facility... 

Unexpected network downtime, power & cooling failures, etc. were commonplace at these data centers.
We were at the mercy of another company to support our customers, which was obviously not ideal. 

At this stage, we decided that running our own datacenter and network was necessary to offer the level of support our customers demanded and deserved. We invested heavily and built out our own space and designed a resilient and redundant network from the ground up. 

That was 3 years ago and, since then, we have not had a single minute of unplanned, network/datacenter-wide downtime, which is a feat most hosting companies will never match. 

What We Are Not!

A large, faceless corporation where you get passed around from one "tech" (who you can not understand what he/she is saying) to another with no real support for your issues. We care about our customers and offer unparalleled support from our U.S. based support staff.. How many companies can say that? 

We have spent years perfecting our product offerings, support and expertise. Give us a shot and you will see why we are the best. Guaranteed.